• As members of the Iota Pi family, the brothers constantly seek to help each other grow, learn, and prosper. One of their most effective ways to do this is by hosting their annual LEAD Day conference. Iota Pi’s LEAD day first conceptualized by Brother Marshall Murphy the fall of 2014. The idea is that a day dedicated to LEAD sessions can not only be an effective way for chapter members to benefit from the material discussed but it also allows Iota Pi to provide surrounding chapter’s with the opportunity to participate as well. With the influence of attendees from surrounding chapters, best practices are brought to the table and an environment of networking is formed. This past fall the Iota Pi chapter hosted its 2nd annual LEAD Day. During the event, each brother and candidate participated in three leadership and development sessions facilitated by local employers, notable KSU faculty such a Ron Lunk the Director of Student Life, and impressive alumnus of the chapter. These days prove to be extremely effective. The Iota Pi brothers and the brothers of surrounding chapters leave at the end of the day with skills and knowledge attributed to effective chapter members, leaders, and gentlemen.